Stay in a holiday house in Burgenland and spend an unforgettable holiday!

Holiday cottage in Burgenland is a great idea for an interesting and inspiring holidays in Austria. Burgenland is the most eastward geographical region in Austria. Landscape and surface shape differs significantly from other regions, as the Burgenland region is dominated by a lowland area. You will not find here soaring alpine peaks, rather picturesquely folded, low hills. That’ s a great idea for a family holiday, due to the numerous tourist attractions in Burgenland which will be suitable for all family members.

The main holiday season here lasts from May to September as the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius during the warmest summer months.  This is a perfect time for visiting the northern part of the region and stopping off near Lake Neusiedl, where you will find numerous holiday apartments and holiday houses. Clean water, wonderful landscape and possibility of sailing and windsurfing will make it a great idea for holidays with children, who will certainly not be bored.  A place often visited by families is also Happy Magic Fu, which will give crazy fun to older as well as younger visitors.

For those looking for a less touristic area, you can go a bit eastwards and rent a holiday cottage in Seewinkel, where there are many steppe lakes.  Very popular among tourists are the holiday houses and holiday apartments in Lutzmannsburg, Mörbisch am See and Podersdorf, which are located by Lake Nezyderskie.  If you want to spend your holidays with a dog you don’t have to worry, because you can rent a holiday home with a garden in a beautiful area, especially because the owners often agree to a holiday with a pet.

Mountain hiking and winter sports in Burgenland

Holiday house in Burgenland is a guarantee for a peaceful and relaxing holiday even after the tourist season. In autumn and spring it is the perfect destination for active holiday lovers who love mountain hiking.  At the foot of the Lithuanian Mountains is the town of Eisenstadt, which is a capital of the region with an amazing history and architecture. It will be an excellent starting point for all those who want to spend a typical sightseeing vacation.

The holiday apartment in this region will be an attractive option for those who want to enjoy sunshine and wonderful views on the mountain trails. If you’ re passionate about skiing, then Burgenland is the dream holiday destination for you at any time of a year.  Thanks to its snow-making system, the Rettenbach Ski Center in southern Burgenland invites you to enjoy a white madness on the slopes all year round. In the winter months you can rent a mountain hut or ski cottage close to the numerous ski runs and enjoy great fun.  Remember that if you choose private accommodation in Burgenland you have to make a reservation as soon as possible, as holiday homes are rented at the speed of light, since crowds of tourists want to visit Burgenland.

What to do in Burgenland?

Burgenland is perfectly located for active leisure.  Planning your holidays in Burgenland you must definitely see a defensive castle Esterházy from the 17th century, which was a residence of a Hungarian magnate family. An interesting proposition for lovers of modern architecture is the Liszt Centre, that is, a modern philharmonic.  Numerous churches are testimonies of an ancient era and they are preserved in excellent condition. The most popular one is the Maria Loretto Basilica, located far away from tourist trails.

Burgenland lies close to larger cities, which are definitely worth stopping at. One day in Vienna, Basel, Bern or Zurich would be a nice enrichment of your travel. Thanks to many holiday apartments in larger cities you don’t have to worry about transport or accommodation.

What to eat in Burgenland?

Well, when you have found your dream holiday house in Burgenland, but don’t want to waste your holiday time cooking in it, try some local specialties.  Burgenland’s cuisine is influenced by Hungarian, Serbian, Slovak and Croatian traditions. This diversity makes meals unique and delicious. The most popular dishes are white cabbage soup, beef soup, goulash and stuffed pepper. Don’t forget to try tasty sweets such as Viennese cheesecake and excellent wine, famous for the whole region.

If you are planning a holiday in Austria, Burgenland may be brilliant idea. Among the wide range of offers of apartments and holiday houses in Burgenland you will find the perfect place where you will spend an amazing holiday.