Spend an unforgettable holiday in a holiday house by Lake Millstatt in Austria!

Holiday at Lake Millstatt in Austria is a great idea for all those who hesitate between holidays in the mountains or by the water. Situated between the Alpine slopes, is a pearl on the map of Austria, the popular holiday destination since the 19th century.  It’s a great idea for all those planning a holiday in Carinthia. Holiday cottages by Lake Millstätter near the mountain slopes with access to crystal clear water will be a brilliant idea for a family holiday. Bathing or water sports such as canoeing are a great way to make your leisure time more interesting. Water temperatures in summer can reach up to 28°C, so if you rent a holiday home close to the beach on Lake Millstätter, you can be sure that even the youngest members of the family can swim in it.

Holiday apartments by Millstätter lake located in the south are a perfect place for rowing fans, as swimming along the shore of about 12 km you can see a wild, untouched nature. All those who want to take a break from the urban noise and bustle and want to feel a rural and idyllic atmosphere should book mountain cottages near Lake Millstätter. Cosy cabins located among the mountain slopes will make every day pleasant and allow you to enjoy a wonderful view of the water.  The lake, whose water quality resembles a drinkable, idyllic atmosphere, the majestic mountain panorama – all this makes holiday houses in Carinthia very popular and willingly chosen when planning a holiday in Austria.

What to do at Lake Millstätter in Austria?

Whether you’re going on a family holiday or a holiday with friends, you can do anything and you won’t be bored.  The main tourist attraction at Lake Millstätter is a so-called “1,000-hande massage“, during which participants can discover a new experience. Under the guidance of an instructor they can learn to consciously feel the touch of water.

Holiday apartments in Seeboden will give you an insight into the magnificent Sommeregg Castle, whose history is over 800 years old.  Not far away is the town of Radenthein with its famous Granatium museum, which is dedicated to granites – minerals commonly found in Carinthia. When visiting the exhibition, it is worth knowing that it is one of the richest in Europe, and tourists can touch shiny stones and admire them in their natural surroundings.

Everyone who chooses holiday homes near the Hohe Tauern National Park may admire the power of nature every day. Nine walking trails are available for tourists, which are not without reason called ” Water elements”. Tourists can see a spectacular Jungfernsprung or Gartl waterfall, whose waters have particularly beneficial properties for our health. Holiday houses in Carinthia are a great idea for an active holiday, since it’s a dream destination for hiking enthusiasts. You can find here numerous hiking trails of varying levels of difficulty and a total length of 500 km. When you choose holiday apartments near Milstätter Alpine Trail you will have eight main hiking trails at your fingertips.

As you can see above, holidays at Lake Millstäatt are free of boredom and guarantee great fun. If you prefer laziness, you can find holiday houses with a swimming pool that will keep you entertained without having to go to a beach. Those who want to relax should explore luxury villas with sauna, which are built in the classic Alpine style and will let you feel a mountain spirit. Holiday in Carinthia is also an excellent option for pet owners. Many holiday homes and apartments allow you to have a holiday with your dog, and the mountain areas allow you to have unforgettable fun with your pets. Explore the houses and apartments by Lake Millstätter and keep the carefree moments in mind for a long time.