Discover Salzburg – the birthplace of Mozart

Spend incredible holidays in a holiday apartment in Salzburg with a view of the Alps. Salzburg is located in the region of Salzburg Land, as the capital city. Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria, visited by thousands of tourists every year.  Plenty of private accommodation will allow you to enjoy the city during a day and spend a pleasant evening in your holiday apartment in Salzburg after an intensive tour.

If you like big spaces you can choose holiday houses and villas in Salzburg, which are situated on the edge of the city. Holiday with children in Salzburg is also a great idea, as during the weekend, children will have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of Salzburg and explore all its tourist attractions. If you don’t want to travel without your pet you don’t have to worry. Many holiday apartments in Salzburg are pet-friendly, so you can plan your holiday with your dog.  A wide range of holiday apartments and holiday cottages, beautiful countryside, countless tourist attractions and views of the majestic Alps make a weekend in Salzburg a perfect plan. Find out more about Salzburg, which is truly a pearl located among the Alpine peaks.

History of Salzburg

Living in a modern apartment or luxurious holiday house in Salzburg doesn’t mean you won’t get to know the city’s amazing history.  The first people in Salzburg were the Celts, who established their settlements in this area. In the 7th century St. Rupert came to Salzburg on a missionary journey and founded the monastery of St. Peter, whose walls can still be visited to this day. He became the first bishop of Salzburg and introduced the name of the city which is still used today – Salzburg literally means “Salt Castle”.  The city developed dynamically, which can be seen when visiting historical monuments in Salzburg. It is worth mentioning that Salzburg is also known as a birthplace of Mozart, what attracts hundreds of tourists dreaming of renting a holiday apartment next to the building where the genius of classical music was born.

Salzburg tourist attractions

Holiday apartments in Salzburg near the main tourist attractions will be a great solution for anyone who wants to explore the city. Everyone who visits Salzburg should start their tour with the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which was built in the 11th century. The medieval walls growing over the city make it possible to admire a wonderful panorama of Salzburg and its surroundings. Another must-see point on the map of Salzburg is Mirabell Palace and Gardens. This place is especially beautiful in spring and summer, when tourists can admire blossoming plants. When the gardens appeal to you, you can also visit the less popular Palace and Gardens of the Water Pleasure Hellbrunn. All those who love shopping should go to Getreidegasse, where they can certainly buy great souvenirs from Salzburg. From there you can visit the Mozart House of Birth, walking along the charming streets of Salzburg.

Interesting places near Salzburg

If you want to go out of town it is worth taking a look at the natural gifts that can be found around Salzburg.  You can go to the mountains and spend a whole day on a hiking trail or rent a mountain hut in the Alps. A great idea during your Salzburg holidays would be to spend a few days in a holiday house by the lake. You can visit the mountain Lake Millstätter or Lake Wörthersee, where you can rent a holiday cottage by the lake. Holiday apartments and holiday houses near Salzburg will be good starting points from which you can explore the surrounding areas.

What to eat in Salzburg

Culinary tourism in Salzburg is an inseparable part of a city tour. You don’t have to cook in your apartment, as you can enjoy local cuisine in numerous restaurants and pubs in Salzburg.  In a restaurant you should order a classic Wiener Schnitzel or Hut Essen. Those more courageous can try a Mozart meal – dumplings with liver and sauerkraut. For dessert you absolutely must order Salzburger Nockerln, which is a traditional cake for this city. Alternatively, you can try to recreate local flavours in your apartment or holiday house.

Salzburg is a perfect citybreak destination, where you can easily get by car, train or plane. If you are planning a weekend or holiday in Salzburg, hurry up to book a holiday house or apartment as private accommodation in Salzburg tends to be rented at the speed of light.